Flying Camelot Reviewed at Strategy Bridge

I’m very happy to see another great review of my book, Flying Camelot: the F-15, the F-16, and the Weaponization of Fighter Pilot Nostalgia. Published in the great online journal, The Strategy Bridge, Dr. Luke Truxal says that

“Hankins’ work is an excellent analysis of how the perception of fighter pilots inside and outside of the Air Force affected the evolution of the institution in the 1960s and 1970s. He uses a wide range of sources to advance his narrative. Hankins work builds on new trends to start analyzing and asking hard questions of pilot culture within the Air Force. This book is incredibly important to the public at large as the United States enters a new age of air power dominated by drones and less by fighter pilots.”

Huge thanks to Dr. Truxal and The Strategy Bridge for the very kind words and thoughtful analysis!

An F-15C Eagle aircraft of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing in 1986.